Service Description Overview

The development or project management teams of companies (or public organizations) usually create, modify and maintain product or project data in their core systems. There is a growing need to provide easy online access to product or project data to be shown to other user groups in their home systems. For example, sales teams typically use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage sales activities (leads, meetings, proposals, agreements, etc.). Service teams are interested in understanding the scope of new deployments or the installed base of specific customer. Finance people are keen on monitoring the profitability of specific product, project or customer. Finally, companies may need to show product or project data to different external interest groups (customers, subcontractors, partners, authorities, regulatory bodies, etc.).

The ZoneViewer product is specifically developed to retrieve product or project data from various data sources like PLM, ERP, CRM systems and show it as embedded views in the home systems of different user groups.

Customer Benefits

Building e.g. Install base portals ends up typically on huge master data and integration project. This way-of-working takes typically months - if not even years. With ZoneViewer approach you simply avoid these time- and money consuming steps. No additional data storages to maintain, no integrations to be monitored and specially no changes into legacy systems. The ZoneViewer product offers fast deployment, moderate investments, improved user experience and incremental business via better understanding of customers own data.

Does ZoneViewer fit for my company?

PLM-Zone has implemented ZoneViewer for different businesses. Whether your business is construction, manufacturing or e.g. medical industry – ZoneViewer would be the easiest and most flexible solution for your company.

Few use case examples:
Business challenge #1:

• Share the PLM information with the sales organization.
• Information must be easy to access and it always has to be up-to-date.
• Using PLM system was too difficult and complex for sales people.
• The information was not in the right context.

Solution #1:

• Utilize ZoneViewer to show PLM information seamlessly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, without CRM system customizing.
• No need to copy data from PLM to CRM.
• Implementation time few weeks

Business challenge #2:

• Share the installed base information for manufacturing, delivery and service teams.
• Information of installed equipment was stored in SAP and several other systems.

Solution #2:
• New installed base system was introduced with structural equipment data and additional metadata.
• ZoneViewer provides user friendly, high performance and cost-efficient way to share installed base data with new user groups.
• Solution support both internal and external users.