The ZoneSight Payment and Change Management service is targeted to Main Contractor to efficiently manage payments as well as scope changes during the construction phase.

Payment Management

The fundamental idea of the ZoneSight Payment Management is that Main Contractor reviews the readiness of each Work Package before authorizing Subcontractor to invoice correspondent Payment. The Main Contractor and each Subcontractor share information on sub-projects, contracts, payment programmes and individual payments. In addition, Project Owner is able to monitor the progress of the construction project.

The ZoneSight Payment Management is a straightforward process for all project parties to follow. First, the Main Contractor imports the Payment Programme(s) of a Subcontractor. The Subcontractor requests permission to invoice whenever specific Work Package has been completed. The Main Contractor check the status at Construction Site, reviews the Contract, and authorizes the Payment.

Benefits of Payment Management

  Documentation of payments and approvals
  Transparent visibility to payment process
  Beneficial in final financial statement
  Easier to allocate invoices against payments and approvals
  Less unnecessary emails
  Fewer credit notes

Change Management

The ZoneSight Change Management an easy collaboration tool to manage changes to the original contract.

Either Main Contractor or Subcontractor initiated a Change Request by defining the need and scope for change. The Subcontractor prepares a commercial proposal and sends it for approval. The Main Contractor reviews the proposal and either places a Change Order or asks further information.

Benefits of Change Management

  Need for changes are reported on time
  Better visibility to changes and reasons behind them
  Ensures that changes are validated and ordered before work begins
  Ensures that changes are documented adequately
  Less unnecessary emails