The ZoneAlliance service is a cost management solution for alliance projects, Public-Private Partnerships and other multi-party construction projects. Project parties implement a transparent cost management process with common target costs and correspondent revenue sharing model. Parties share information on actual costs, prepare cost forecasts together, and report results to project owner.

In the beginning parties agree on common activity codes and load them to the ZoneAlliance service together with target cost and quantity estimates. Target costs can be easily changed during the construction phase when the understanding of actual costs improves.

Parties deliver up to date information on invoices and purchase orders to the ZoneAlliance service. The actual and committed costs are calculated and updated accordingly to the activity code hierarchy.

Parties jointly meet and update the cost forecast to reflect the overall status of the project.

Benefits of Alliance Cost Management:

  • Up to date information on actual costs of project parties
  • Visibility to all cost changes: targets, actuals, forecast
  • Common way to forecast costs
  • Common way to report costs
  • More efficient collaboration